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Our Line-up

We source over thousands of products. If you need that very specific piece of technology, leave it to our experts to make it available for you.

Once you have the right hardware, you’ll also be able to take advantage of our amazing services to get your product tailored to your needs. We’re veterans serving veterans here at Eagle Point Technology.


  • Laptops, Desktops, Tablets, Notebooks, etc.
  • Printers & Accessories
  • Software
  • Cameras
  • Electronics
  • Server and Network Hardware
  • Cellular products


  • Service & Support
  • Configuration
  • Consulting
  • System Install & Administration
  • Network Install & ¬†Administration
  • Risk Assessment
  • PC Repair/Troubleshooting
  • VOIP Install & Administration
  • Data/Voice/Video Wiring
  • System & Network Design
  • VTC Install & Administration
  • Custom Application Development


We are experts at information technology. Rest assured we will choose the hardware and software packages that you need. We research the latest technologies and product reviews in order to provide you with products and that will last throughout the life-cycle you need and expect.