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Do you accept Government orders or purchase orders, PO's?

Yes, for more information visit our Sales Page.

Can you provide me with a custom quote?

Absolutely, visit our sales page for more information or call our sales team at (812) 405-1805.

What is your refund and return policy?
My laptop is is slower than it used to be. What can I do?

Call the support line. This is often a software issue we can diagnose and fix over the phone.

What is the loaner laptop agreement?

The Loaner Laptop Program is for a Veteran in school who is having their laptop repaired by Eagle Point Technology. If your Eagle Point Technology purchased laptop needs repaired and it has a warranty you are eligible for a loaner. An agreement outlining the conditions of the program would need to be signed before a loaner can be issued.

My laptop isn't working right, what do I do?

Call us: (855) EPT-SUPPORT
Monday – Friday
0830 – 1630 EST

Microsoft called me to help me fix a problem on my computer....

Hang up! This is a scam, Microsoft does not initiate calls to customers for support services. Call our support line if you need help.

I'm a Veteran and my counselor is ordering a computer though your company, when should I expect it to arrive?

Some VA counselors are required to send purchases to a central purchaser or wait until a semester begins. Generally, once the computer is paid for is take up to seven business days to receive.